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One popular tattoo that you may find interest in is the tiger tattoo. Tiger tattoos are not main stream tattoos but they do have a popularity all across the world. Just like all animal tattoos, the tiger tattoo represents characteristics and traits of the tiger. Tiger tattoo designs are usually wore by men but women do sport the tiger tattoo. Tiger tattoo designs can come in a variety of different styles and variations. The Bengal tiger tattoo is one of the most popular tiger tattoos. White tiger tattoos are also a popular tattoo design in this theme.

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When it comes to popular animal tattoos, the tiger tattoo ranks up there with the best of them. Tigers have been a part of fashion, magic acts, and carnivals for years. The beautiful stripes on these tigers make them very attractive in fashion, art, and tattoos. Although the lion is considered to be the king of the jungle, it is actually the tiger that really is. The largest percentage of tigers live in the dense jungles of Asia. Due to the popularity of their fur coats, the tiger is placed on the endangered species list. The beauty and symbolism of the tiger has made it a highly sought after tattoo.

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The Bengal tiger and Siberian tiger are absolutely beautiful animals.The Bengal tiger is orange with black stripes, while the Siberian tiger is white with black stripes. Most tigers spend their entire life in the jungle where they are at the top of the food chain. The tiger can weigh as much as 500 pounds as an adult and it is a deadly predator. Since there are still tribes living in the jungles where these tigers roam, humans have to be on constant alert for them. One of the tiger’s strongest characteristics is his ability to hunt and ambush his prey without flaw.

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The tiger has played a very important role in Asian cultures, such as China and Japan. The dragon is very symbolic to the Chinese and Japanese. To these cultures, the tiger ranks right up there with the dragon. If you didn’t know, the dragon is the most symbolic symbol to the Japanese and Chinese. You may also see tiger tattoo designs that actually have a dragon in the tattoo design.This tattoo represents the importance of those two animals in their cultures. In fact, Japanese Samurai would have a tiger emblem placed on their crest.

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When we look at the tiger’s lifestyle and characteristics, we can begin to understand the meanings behind the tiger tattoo.Two of the most common meanings associated with the tiger tattoo arepower and strength. In nature, the tiger is the top predator in their jungle environment. There is no other animal that the tiger is fearful of. The tiger’s traits make it the supreme hunter in the jungle.

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Due to the many meanings of the tiger tattoo and the beauty, it really makes it a popular tattoo choice for many. Some tiger tattoo designs may include birds, flowers, dragons, plants, and trees. Some people choose this design for symbolic purposes and some enjoy the beauty of the design. Either way, the tiger tattoo is a great design to consider if you are getting a tattoo.

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Japanese Tiger Tattoo Meaning

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Japanese Tiger Tattoo

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Japanese Tiger Tattoo Designs

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Small Tiger Tattoo

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Tattoo of Tiger

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Tiger and Snake Tattoo

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Tiger Butterfly Tattoo

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Tiger Drawing Tattoo

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Tiger Eye Tattoo

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Tiger Eyes Tattoo

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Tiger Face Tattoo

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Tiger Head Tattoo

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Tiger Leg Tattoo

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Tiger Shoulder Tattoo

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Tiger Sleeve Tattoo

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Tiger Tattoo Design

Tiger Tattoo Designs -Tiger Tattoos <3 <3

Tiger Tattoo Designs

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Tiger Tattoo Designs Meanings

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Tiger Tattoo for Female

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Tiger Tattoo Images

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Tiger Tattoo Meaning

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Tiger Tattoo Sleeves

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Tiger Tattoo Tribal


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Tiger Thigh Tattoo Designs

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Traditional Tiger Head Tattoo

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Traditional Tiger Tattoo

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Tribal Tiger Tattoo

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Tiger Forearm Tattoo

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Tiger Tattoo Ideas

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Tiger Tattoo for Men