Squid Tattoos

Tattoo Squid - Squid Tattoos

Squids are fascinating and mysterious creatures which are able to live in the darkest depths of the ocean, can change colors to reflect their environments, and shoot out dark ink as a protective measure against enemies. The symbolism of squids, as well as their diversity in size, color, and shape, means that every squid tattoo is unique, and choosing this design will ensure that no one else has a tattoo quite like yours. Not unlike humans, squids come in all shapes and sizes, and their unique abilities make them symbolic of several different traits and attributes. Although technically spineless, as they are invertebrates, squids are not weak or easily tread upon, as the term ‘spineless’ frequently connotes. Instead, their spineless quality makes them incredibly flexible and hard to pin down — they are agile and graceful, and often prove difficult prey for their enemies. As a symbol of flexibility, a squid tattoo can demonstrate your own physical gracefulness, or your ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

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