Ship Tattoos

Ship Tattoo Designs for Men - Ship Tattoos

Ship tattoos have been coveted for long, for ships have always fascinated men, eager to travel and explore the mysterious oceans. They are a symbol of freedom and power: just think about sailboats with wind in their sailclothes, foam and waves knocking their impressive hull without breaking it. Ancient ships are an inspiration for dreamers, either wanting to be pirates or conquistadors, or just badass looking sailors, flirting with storms, mermaids and death. Yes, as ships are also fragile in the devastating elements, just like humans pitching in the not so calm sea of life. So indeed, ship tattoos are not only for sailors, even if their tradition is coming from traditional sailor tattoos. They also remind us childhood summer vacations at the beach, with a seascape view to kill and how life can be so peaceful and shiny. Bigger ancient ships, with their majestic details can also appeal to our crave for elegance and greatness, dreams bigger than life. But more importantly, tattoo lovers want to have ships in their skin which are not going to sink, like memories they don’t want to forget and dreams they don’t want to give up… From the most fragile looking ships, in paper, for delicate origami tattoos, to badass back pieces and chest piece in bold styles, the main goal of ship tattoos is to laugh at death and bad times.

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