Family Tree Tattoos

Family Tree Tattoo Design Ideas - Family Tree Tattoos

Family is one of the most prized possessions for all of us. It is a source of strength, love and hope. All of us learn the basics of social behavior in our family and therefore, it can be said that it is the principle school where we learn the lessons of life. For each of us, our family means a lot. We love it and also want to express our heartfelt feelings. The family tree tattoos provide an easy and stylish way out for those who want to convey their gratitude. They can get these tattoos on their body parts in different styles.

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Stars Tattoos

3 Star Tattoo - Stars Tattoos
Star tattoos
can be nice and unique delegate of your inner personality and conviction. Star tattoo designs look cool and they are a good preference for a very first ink piece because a star is typically small in design and doesn’t need to be awfully intricate. These designs look attractive and generally they signify a change in life.

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Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Tattoo Meaning - Lightning Tattoos

Early men had many explanations for the sights and sounds of lightning and thunder, and most of the myths involved elaborate tales of Gods and Goddesses and incredible mythological creatures who used lightning as weapons. Early men could not have helped but be impressed by the power and magic of lightning because the places where lightening struck trees or the earth were scenes of enormous destruction. Lightning split trees and set them on fire, caused rocks to explode and melted sand, and if any poor human was too close, probably resulted in their death. Lightning has long been used to symbolize the power and might of the Gods. The Romans saw lightning as the symbol of the their principal God Jupiter. In the Bible, lightning accompanies the appearance of God in Exodus. Lightning symbolizes the light of truth.

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Leaf Tattoos

Maple Leaf Tattoo - Leaf Tattoos

An innate symbol of beauty and nature a leaf can be a very personal tattoo. Traditionally  a symbol of happiness leaves have a strong history within many artistic mediums. Painters, sculptors and architects have for centuries used the natural image of a leaf for a variety of reasons. Quite simply the image of a leaf is an image that never disappoints, something about the delicate shape and colours of leaves always catch a persons eye.
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Moon Tattoos

Realistic Moon Tattoo - Moon Tattoos

In many ancient cultures (and some current ones) the sun represented energy of men and the moon represented feminine mystery. This is one reason that moon tattoos are sometimes combined with sun tattoos. It is a symbol of the natural balance of things; dark and light, male andfemale. When these elements are put together, they add balance and harmony to the world. However, moon tattoos (and sun tattoos) also stand very well on their own too.
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