Sunrise Tattoos

Sunrise Chest Tattoo - Sunrise Tattoos <3 <3

The sun is a favorite symbol in tattoo art. It can be used in several different ways and in almost any location on the body. One of the more unusual and memorable ways to portray the sun is in a sunrise tattoo. The sunrise symbolizes fresh beginnings, rebirth or a new chapter of one’s life. If you want a sunrise tattoo, take care to use bright colors to indicate that it is not a sunset, which has the opposite meaning of a sunrise.

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Waterfall Tattoos

Japanese Waterfall Tattoo Designs - Waterfall Tattoos

A waterfall can make a powerfully symbolic and stunning tattoo for men and women. It can be designed in many remarkable styles. Water, one of the four basic elements, is essential because there would be no life without it. It can give life or deal out vast destruction. Too much of this element results in flooding; too little, everything dies. Spiritually, water ebbs and flows much like our emotions. Some believe that water symbolizes wisdom and adaptability to change. So balancing the water energies in and around your life is very important. Whether situated in a tropical rainforest or scenic mountain range, your waterfall tattoo will stun and inspire.

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Waves Tattoos

 Asian Waves Tattoo - Waves Tattoos <3 <3

Waves tattoos are inked for a variety of reasons. It may be for the love of water, or the love of the pattern of water.The person may be simply attracted to waves or there may be a deep inner meaning of choosing the waves as a tattoo. Whatever may be the reason, beautifully done wave tattoos are always body art assets. Read More

Fruit Tattoos

 Tattoo on Fruit - Fruit Tattoos

Though fruit tattoos are not main stream tattoos and few people go for it but they look fascinating and attractive. The different color combinations met in these tattoos make them unique and differing from other themed tattoos. It’s interesting that both men and women go for these tattoos. They are worn on different body parts which depend on the preferences of the wearer. You can see crazy designs for fruit tattoos that look quite realistic and artistic. If done in 3D style the effect will be more influential.
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Landscape Tattoos

Tattoo Landscape - Landscape Tattoos

Nature tattoos come from old times when people wore different designs reminding of forests, mountains, animals and so on. When we look at Japanese tattoos we mainly see nature and designs connected with animals. These tattoos look very astonishing and breathtaking. Landscape tattoos also look like Japanese tattoos but the options in this case, are expanded. Today we’ll speak about amazing landscape tattoo designs which are very common both among men and women. Read More

Water Tattoos

Asian Water Tattoo - Water Tattoos

Water can be defined as mystery in flow. Water sustains life, and people also get drowned in water. Water subdues fire and water can be very destructive too like a tsunami. The conflict of various aspects is an essential nature of water. Some people are attracted towards water because of this unique flow of water. In addition, the fact that water takes the shape of the vessel where it is stored has a deep symbolic meaning. The water tattoos shown here are sometimes obvious, sometimes mysterious. Water can be both calm and restless. People who can relate themselves to water have the water tattoos done on their body. You may be a sailor, a marine biologist. a scuba diver or a layman/woman. The appeal of water is common to all of us.
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Sun Tattoos

Japanese Sun Tattoo Designs - Sun Tattoos

The sun at general is our crucial source of life. But as a tattoo it may be very meaningful and meanings can differ personality wise. The sun has been a part of religious and symbolic consequence in many ancient cultures.
Many tribes used to worship sun as a God, for them sun was the only source of living lives.
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Tree of Life Tattoos

Tree of Life Tattoo Pics - Tree of Life Tattoos

Often taken for granted and even considered to be a nuisance in today’s technological age, there is an aspect to trees that we might not have even considered. While rooted deep within the Earth and with branches reaching skyward, trees have long been considered as a link to the Universe. In numerous ancient cultures trees were considered to be symbols of power, wisdom, fertility, and even of life itself. Even in our modern world, these symbols continue to reflect something innate within us, if only we take the time to notice.
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Tree Tattoos

Palm Tree Back Tattoo - Tree Tattoos

Trees have long been the symbol of life which are recorded in many of folklore cultures and fictions. Tree tattoos create effects of mystical fantasy on human bodies. Trees invite us to absorb their essence, healing diseases, understand the true meaning of life.

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