Mandala Tattoos

Mandala Sleeve Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos

The mandala’s design is meant to be not only appealing visually, but to absorb the mind in a way that silences chattering thoughts and allows the observer to gain a higher level of awareness.  Mandalas are designed from the center outwards, which tends to give them a floral appearance. Because flowers are typically circular in nature, circles and flowers can be combined to create a tattoo that is symbolic of femininity, eternity and balance.

All in all, the best decision when designing a mandala tattoo is to choose colors, symbols and shapes that have a special meaning to you. Many choose to incorporate their favorite colors, religious or spiritual symbols or animals, their age or other items of significance to their lives. The mandala, while in design is dominated by squares or triangles, has a concentric structure and actually translates to “circle” in Sanskrit.  These symbols offer visual elements that balance and represent harmony and unity. The mandala is extremely versatile and can carry a number of meanings that are limited only by the creator and the observer. The overall goal of a mandala is to be a tool on one’s spiritual journey.

Lotus Mandala Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Lotus Mandala Tattoo

Mandala Flower Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Flower Tattoo

Mandala Foot Tattoo
Mandala Foot Tattoo

Mandala Geometric Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Geometric Tattoo

Mandala Hand Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Hand Tattoo

Mandala Tattoo Arm - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Tattoo Arm

Mandala Tattoo Designs - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Tattoo Designs

Mandala Tattoo Feminina - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Tattoo Feminina

Mandala Tattoo Shoulder - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Tattoo Shoulder

Mandala Tattoo Vorlagen - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Tattoo Vorlagen

Mandala Wrist Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Wrist Tattoo

Lotus Flower Mandala Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Lotus Flower Mandala Tattoo

Mandala Lotus Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Lotus Tattoo

Mandala Maori Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Maori Tattoo

Mandala Shoulder Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Mandala Shoulder Tattoo

Mens Mandala Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Mens Mandala Tattoo

Small Mandala Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Small Mandala Tattoo

Tattoo Mandala - Mandala Tattoos
Tattoo Mandala

Flower Mandala Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Flower Mandala Tattoo

Henna Mandala Tattoo - Mandala Tattoos
Henna Mandala Tattoo