Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Tattoo Meaning - Lightning Tattoos

Early men had many explanations for the sights and sounds of lightning and thunder, and most of the myths involved elaborate tales of Gods and Goddesses and incredible mythological creatures who used lightning as weapons. Early men could not have helped but be impressed by the power and magic of lightning because the places where lightening struck trees or the earth were scenes of enormous destruction. Lightning split trees and set them on fire, caused rocks to explode and melted sand, and if any poor human was too close, probably resulted in their death. Lightning has long been used to symbolize the power and might of the Gods. The Romans saw lightning as the symbol of the their principal God Jupiter. In the Bible, lightning accompanies the appearance of God in Exodus. Lightning symbolizes the light of truth.

While normally the reaction to lightning followed by thunder is of fear and concern, there are some among us who find this phenomenon very invigorating. Plus there is awesome visual impact of the jagged bolts of lightning. Then is it any wonder that lightning has formed the design theme for many a tattoo? People are prone to picking the unusual and awesome when it comes to tattoos  lightning surely meets the criterion. What is more lightning is associated with speed which many of us love and adore.

Lightning Arm Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Arm Tattoo

Lightning Bolts Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Bolts Tattoo

Lightning Tattoo Pictures - Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Tattoo Pictures

Lightning Tattoo Sleeve - Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Tattoo Sleeve

Black Lightning Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Black Lightning Tattoo

Cloud and Lightning Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Cloud and Lightning Tattoo

Cloud and Lightning Tattoo Designs - Lightning Tattoos

Cloud and Lightning Tattoo Designs

Cloud Lightning Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Cloud Lightning Tattoo

Clouds Lightning Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Clouds Lightning Tattoo

Tribal Lightning Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Tribal Lightning Tattoo

Japanese Lightning Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Japanese Lightning Tattoo

Lightning Cloud Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Cloud Tattoo

Lightning Dragon Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Dragon Tattoo

Lightning Sleeve Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Sleeve Tattoo

Lightning Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Tattoo

Lightning Tattoo Designs - Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Tattoo Designs

Lightning Tattoo Ideas - Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Tattoo Ideas

Lightning Tribal Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Tribal Tattoo

Realistic Lightning Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Realistic Lightning Tattoo

Tattoo Lightning - Lightning Tattoos

Tattoo Lightning

Tattoo of Lightning - Lightning Tattoos

Tattoo of Lightning

Thunder and Lightning Tattoo - Lightning Tattoos

Thunder and Lightning Tattoo