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Colour Henna Tattoo - Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoo, aka Mehndi, is a kind of temporary tattoo which is very popular in south Asian nations.Henna Tattoo is typically applied to brides before wedding ceremonies and now it has become a fashion icon for the women in the area of ​​Arabian Peninsula, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

Henna is a paste created from a plant called Lawsonia inermis, and it’s applied to the skin in a variety of intricate and detailed patterns. When the paste is dried and removed, it leaves behind a reddish-brown tint on the skin that eventually fades over time, which makes it an ideal medium for creating a temporary tattoo. Known as Mehndi in India and parts of the Middle East, henna has a long history of use as a temporary tattoo to mark special events and life changes such as weddings or the birth of a baby.

Henna Temporary Tattoo - Henna Tattoos

Henna Temporary Tattoo

Henna Tattoo Black

Henna Tattoo Black

Henna Tattoo Colors - Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo Colors

Henna Tattoo Design - Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo Design

Henna Tattoo Designs - Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna Tattoo Pictures - Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo Pictures

Henna Tattoo Stencil - Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo Stencil

Red Henna Tattoo - Henna Tattoos

Red Henna Tattoo

Schwarzes Henna Tattoo - Henna Tattoos

Schwarzes Henna Tattoo

Tattoo Henna - Henna Tattoos

Tattoo Henna

Tattoo Henna Design - Henna Tattoos

Tattoo Henna Design

Temporary Henna Tattoo - Henna Tattoos

Temporary Henna Tattoo

Temporary Tattoo Henna - Henna Tattoos

Temporary Tattoo Henna

Black Henna Tattoo - Henna Tattoos

Black Henna Tattoo

Colored Henna Tattoo - Henna Tattoos

Colored Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo Stencils - Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo Stencils

Henna Mehndi Tattoo - Henna Tattoos

Henna Mehndi Tattoo

Henna Tattoo Temporary - Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo Temporary