Eagle Tattoos

EagleTattoo on Back - Eagle  Tattoos

Eagles are one of the most popular tattoo designs requested across the globe. Since they are usually viewed as magnificent creatures that soar amongst the clouds and prey on smaller birds and creatures, they can be used to symbolize a sense of strength and superiority as well. While there is no denying the sheer beauty and majesty of the bird, there are also many legends attached to them. These birds are known to nest on mountain peaks and large trees. The look in the eye of the eagle is supposed to put even courageous people into a state of fright.

Bald Eagle Tattoo - Eagle  Tattoos

Eagle tattoos are a popular design choice among the armed forces as well. Since it symbolizes the American culture, it is also used as a memorial design element for fallen soldiers by their family members and loved ones. These tattoo designs could be a dedication in memory of those who lose their lives in the line of duty or to be inspired from this symbol. The eagle represents immense strength, stealth in attacking prey, quick and decisive action, lots of strength, freedom and liberty. This makes it popular as a tattoo motif. Some may choose the eagle alone or with banners or a profound saying.

Eagle Arm Tattoo - Eagle  Tattoos

This beautiful and fascinating bird also features in many tales throughout history. It has been part of many places and appeared in many an emblem. In Greece the eagle was venerated and linked with the God of Sun. In Norse folklore, eagles were associated with Wisdom represented by the God Odin. Among the Native Americans the eagle was a symbol of pride and courage.

Eagle and Snake Tattoo Design - Eagle  Tattoos

People get a Eagle tattoo even as a talisman to give them courage and provide them against forces that weaken them. Native Americans show a marked preference for Eagle tattoos and have them on many parts of the body.

Patriotic Eagle Tattoo - Eagle  Tattoos

Patriotic Eagle Tattoo

Small Eagle Tattoo Designs - Eagle  Tattoos

Small Eagle Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs Eagle - Eagle  Tattoos

Tattoo Designs Eagle

Eagle Tattoo - Eagle  Tattoos

Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tribal Tattoo - Eagle  Tattoos

Eagle Tribal Tattoo

Eagle Eye Tattoo - Eagle  Tattoos

Eagle Eye Tattoo

Eagle Head Tattoo - Eagle  Tattoos

Eagle Head Tattoo

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Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Design - Eagle  Tattoos

Eagle Tattoo Design

Eagle Tattoo Designs - Eagle  Tattoos

Eagle Tattoo Designs

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Eagle Wing Tattoo

Flying Eagle Tattoo Designs - Eagle  Tattoos

Flying Eagle Tattoo Designs