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The simple but elegant four leaf clover tattoo from Ireland is all about luck and good fortune. In reality, these four leaf clovers are elusive, rare and the chances of finding them are one in ten thousand. Four leaf clover tattoos, mostly done in green are a symbol of the fierce Irish spirit. When you get this tattoo done on your wrist, feet, neck or for that matter on any part of the body, you not only invoke luck, but make it an integral part of your endeavors. The four leaves in these designs symbolize hope, faith, love and luck. These tattoo designs have become popular for more than one reason. Of course, they are simple and elegant, but more than that they are believed to fill your life with positive vibes every moment.

Irish Clover Tattoo - Clover Tattoos

Irish Clover Tattoo

Black Clover Tattoo - Clover Tattoos

Black Clover Tattoo

Celtic Clover Tattoo - Clover Tattoos

Celtic Clover Tattoo

Clover Skull Tattoo - Clover Tattoos

Clover Skull Tattoo

Clover Tattoo - Clover Tattoos

Clover Tattoo

Clover Tattoo Designs - Clover Tattoos

Clover Tattoo Designs

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Clover Tattoo Images

Clover Tattoo Meaning - Clover Tattoos

Clover Tattoo Meaning

Tattoo Clover - Clover Tattoos

Tattoo Clover