Space Sleeve Tattoos

01-Space-Sleeve-Tattoo - Space Sleeve Tattoos <3 <3

No surprise — beautiful mysterious things are of course coveted in tattoo designs, the earth is full of breath-taking outer space tattoos.
Have you ever wished, as a child or even an adult, to be a cosmonaut? Have you ever watched the stars in the sky on a summer night and marveled at the wonders of universe? Or perhaps are you a sci-fi buff and a science nerd? We all have reasons to look up and be fascinated by outer space, its beauty and mysteries. Scientists are surprisingly very attracted by tattoos, but no need to perfectly quote the name of the planets and space phenomenons to sport that kind of ink. The colors of the nebulas are enchanting, the designs of the planets are rad and the finished tattoos are a perfect mix of creativity and beauty. Realistic, abstract, graphic or even new school, outer space tattoos are very poetic and worth seeing by tattoo lovers, whether they consider getting some starry ink or not.

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