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When it comes to dark and vivid animal tattoos, the bat tattoo is ranked near the top. The bat has been part of mythological stories for centuries. Most of us have heard these mythological stories from time to time where the bat turns into a vampire. The famous book «Dracula» was first published in 1897 and the bat was instantly classified as evil.The bat tattoo is also a very symbolic animal tattoo with a host of symbolic meanings.

Bat Chest Tattoo - Bat Tattoos

The bat has been a symbolic animal for a variety of different cultures throughout history. In ancient Greek mythology, bats are associated with the virgin goddess Diana. To the Greeks, the bat symbolized sex, fertility, and motherhood. In ancient Christian art, demons were portrayed to have bat wings. Angels known as «falling angels» were also portrayed with bat wings.

Bat Boon Tattoo - Bat Tattoos

To the Native Americans, the bat symbolized death and rebirth. In China, the bat symbolizes good luck, good fortune, and happiness. The bat tattoo can represent all these meanings and as you have read, the meanings can be both positive and negative in nature.

Baseball Bat Tattoo - Bat Tattoos

Baseball Bat Tattoo

Bat Country Tattoo - Bat Tattoos

Bat Country Tattoo

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Bat Face Tattoo

Bat Symbol Tattoo - Bat Tattoos

Bat Symbol Tattoo

Bat Tattoo - Bat Tattoos

Bat Tattoo

Bat Tattoo Chest - Bat Tattoos

Bat Tattoo Chest

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Bat Tattoo Design

Bat Tattoo Designs - Bat Tattoos

Bat Tattoo Designs

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Bat Tattoo Ideas

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Bat Tattoo Images

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Bat Tattoo on Foot

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Bat Tattoo Meaning

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Bat Tattoo Traditional

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Bat Tribal Tattoo

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Bat Wing Tattoo

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Black Bat Tattoo

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Cute Bat Tattoo

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Little Bat Tattoo

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Realistic Bat Tattoo

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Simple Bat Tattoo

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Tribal Bat Tattoo

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Vampire Bat Tattoo

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Traditional Bat Tattoo

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Fruit Bat Tattoo