Sunrise Tattoos

Sunrise Chest Tattoo - Sunrise Tattoos <3 <3

The sun is a favorite symbol in tattoo art. It can be used in several different ways and in almost any location on the body. One of the more unusual and memorable ways to portray the sun is in a sunrise tattoo. The sunrise symbolizes fresh beginnings, rebirth or a new chapter of one’s life. If you want a sunrise tattoo, take care to use bright colors to indicate that it is not a sunset, which has the opposite meaning of a sunrise.

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The Best Animal Tattoos

Lynx Tattoo  - The Best Animal Tattoos <3 <3

There is a natural affinity between animals and human being. A lot of people feel more comfortable around animals because animals have no expectations and it’s a complete relief to play with them. That’s why animal tattoos are loved by many people. Not only dogs, cats but also other wild mammals can be seen popular animal tattoo ideas.

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Moth Tattoos

  Moth Tattoo - Moth Tattoos <3 <3

Moths are known for their attraction to light, often resulting in the downfall of said moth. In such a context moths have come to symbolize self-destruction, unearthly love and the pursuit of desires. Often called the butterfly of the night moths also symbolize darkness and occasionally death, perhaps then that’s why dotwork moths look so good when done in a bold black ink. Dotwork moth tattoos are some of the more popular moth designs and on top of that one of the most requested dotwork tattoos in general. Something about the dotwork style suits itself perfectly to moths. Read More

Constellation Tattoos

Cancer Constellation Tattoo - Constellation Tattoos <3 <3

If you are on the lookout and feeling the itch to get a new tattoo soon, here is another idea from us; constellation tattoos. This enchanting minimalist pattern suits every part of body and it is open for creative varieties. You can customize it by getting inked your own zodiac constellation or design a totally unique pattern by connecting your moles. No matter which design you choose for this tattoo, even the idea of having your own galaxy on your skin is so exciting, isn’t it? Just have a look at these remarkable design ideas and tell us your thoughts in the comment box. Read More

Car Tattoos

1 Tattoo Car - Car Tattoos <3 <3
Cars and Trucks are a compelling choice for those seeking tattoos, as people tend to hive off into a favorite brand and stick with them for a long time; it becomes a part of their lives. Fans of a car or truck brand tend to focus on what made the company a household name in the first place, which of course is the famous cars of the past, which were many times showcased in a favorite movie, making them even more popular and glamorized. Read More

Wheel Tattoos

1 Ship Wheel Tattoo - Wheel Tattoos <3 <3

The wheel of a ship remains one of the most popular maritime symbols. Ship’s-wheel tattoos have been popular among sailors and fishermen for many years, and are now worn by men and women in all walks of life. They can be just decorative, or symbolic and inspirational. Because ship’s wheels can be drawn large or small, they can be inked nearly anywhere on the body. However, In my opinion, large ship’s-wheel tattoos look much better than small ones. Read More

Waterfall Tattoos

Japanese Waterfall Tattoo Designs - Waterfall Tattoos

A waterfall can make a powerfully symbolic and stunning tattoo for men and women. It can be designed in many remarkable styles. Water, one of the four basic elements, is essential because there would be no life without it. It can give life or deal out vast destruction. Too much of this element results in flooding; too little, everything dies. Spiritually, water ebbs and flows much like our emotions. Some believe that water symbolizes wisdom and adaptability to change. So balancing the water energies in and around your life is very important. Whether situated in a tropical rainforest or scenic mountain range, your waterfall tattoo will stun and inspire.

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Beetle Tattoos

15 Tattoo Beetle - Beetle Tattoos <3 <3

During the time of the Egyptians, stone-carved scarabs were used as magical amulets and protective talismans to aide its wearer with the power of «eternal renewal of life.» Scarabs were also employed as talismans and royal seals. The winged scarab was used in Egyptian funeral rites. When the long linen strips covering mummies have been unwrapped, many small charms and amulets have been uncovered. Foremost among them have been sacred Scarab beetles. Read More

Bumble Bee Tattoos

01 Bumble Bee Tattoo - Bumble Bee Tattoos <3 <3

A flower with a bumblebee is the age-old classic representation of flirtation and love. Bumble bee tattoos are very attractive and can be depicted in various sizes. The little ones look cute with their innocent-baby like designs and wondering eyes looking out at the world. The larger examples of tattoos show off the classic combination of yellow and black that epitomizes the bee. As an art form, this tattoo design can be varied as far as ones imagination takes one, but the basic theme of love never changes. Read More