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3d Tattoo - 3D Tattoos

3d tattoos are great for creating optical illusions. A tattoo artist can use 3d techniques to “remove” part of the skin, revealing the muscles and tendons that lie within. This same technique can be used to reveal an alien interior or robot insides. These tattoos aren’t just cool to look at. They also have a deeper meaning. To reveal the muscle within is a symbol of inner strength. To reveal a robot within hints that a person either questions their own humanity or thinks of themselves as being like a machine. Alien innards could symbolize a sense of detachment to the world or a feeling of not being the same as other people.

As we all know tattoos artists have an incredible amount of skill to do what they do. It takes years to master the art. However some artists take this to a new level by drawing 3d tattoos on people. I have no idea how they manage to pull it off but here are some amazing ones we found on the web.

3d Mechanical Tattoo - 3D Tattoos
3d Mechanical Tattoo

3d Scorpion Tattoo - 3D Tattoos
3d Scorpion Tattoo

3d Shoulder Tattoo - 3D Tattoos
3d Shoulder Tattoo

3d Tattoo for Women - 3D Tattoos
3d Tattoo for Women

3d Tattoo London - 3D Tattoos
3d Tattoo London

3d Tattoo Names - 3D Tattoos
3d Tattoo Names

3d Tattoo Picture - 3D Tattoos
3d Tattoo Picture

3d Tattoo Pictures - 3D Tattoos
3d Tattoo Pictures

3d Tattoo Skorpion - 3D Tattoos
3d Tattoo Skorpion

3d Tattoo Sleeve Ideas - 3D Tattoos
3d Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Tattoo Snake 3d - 3D Tattoos
Tattoo Snake 3d

3d Tattoo Ideas - 3D Tattoos
3d Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Skorpion 3d - 3D Tattoos
Tattoo Skorpion 3d

3d Tattoo Arm - 3D Tattoos
3d Tattoo Arm

3d Tattoo Foto - 3D Tattoos
3d Tattoo Foto

Tattoo 3d - 3D Tattoos
Tattoo 3d

Tattoo 3d Heart - 3D Tattoos
Tattoo 3d Heart

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